Field Operations Division

View of Sproul Hall from Balcony of Student Union

The Field Operations Division is home to the UCPD Berkeley units and services that are most visible to the public, including uniformed peace officers assigned to the Patrol Bureau, Security Patrol Officers, and our student CSOs. Field Operations also oversees the planning and coordination of security needs for campus special events and manages specialized units and services that are critical to public safety and emergency response.

Patrol Bureau

The Patrol Bureau consists of uniformed, sworn and armed peace officers who are assigned and available 24-hours a day to provide a full range of proactive and reactive public safety and law enforcement services for the campus community. Whether by vehicle or on foot, UCPD Berkeley police officers are trained and ready to respond to all types of routine and emergency calls. University police frequently engage and coordinate with a wide variety of other campus and community resources that are available and appropriate to assist in any given situation.

For more information, visit the Patrol Bureau page

Criminal Investigations and Threat Management

The Criminal Investigations Bureau (CIB) is a team of sworn peace officers designated as detectives and tasked primarily with the follow-up investigation of felony crimes, as well as certain significant misdemeanors. The CIB supervisor is also responsible for ensuring appropriate victim, witness and survivor resources and services are available and engaged. 

Annually, CIB manages hundreds of cases with the goal of resolving them appropriately within the criminal justice system and/or utilizing applicable administrative or civil processes. UCPD Berkeley’s detectives receive specialized training in trauma-informed investigative methods and coordinate their efforts with many other public safety agencies and resources.  

For more information about CIB, or to speak with a detective, visit UCPD or call (510) 642-6760 during standard business hours.

The Threat Management Unit (TMU) is an element of CIB, consisting of detectives assigned to assess, investigate and manage a coordinated response to potential public safety threats, in addition to their duties as criminal investigators. TMU works closely with campus and community resources as part of the University’s comprehensive approach to preventing and mitigating dangerous and disruptive behavior.

TMU detectives routinely addresses a wide range of situations, including but not limited to those involving concerns about the behavior and mental health of students and employees, workplace conflict, hateful speech, stalking, relationship violence, sexual violence and disruptive or threatening conduct by persons unaffiliated with the University.

For more information about TMU, visit the Threat Assessment and Management page.

Security Patrol Officer Program

The Security Patrol Officer Program (SPO) is made up of professional staff who provide a uniformed security presence at various University locations and events. They are not sworn peace officers and do not have firearms, but can carry out a limited set of public safety services including non-confrontational patrol, premise security, traffic control and a range of support services within UCPD Berkeley.

For more information, visit the SPO Program page

Special Events Unit

The Special Events Unit (SEU) is responsible for assessing the security needs of major campus events and other official or sanctioned activities that may pose unusual security risks, and also any campus event involving the presence of alcoholic beverages. There are hundreds of such events held on the UC Berkeley campus every year, including intercollegiate sports, high-profile visitors and speakers, international conferences, concerts and performances, campus ceremonies, social events, and many other one-time activities.

Campus departments and organizations who wish to hire temporary security personnel for specific needs, or who want to notify or consult with UCPD Berkeley about event security issues or concerns, should also contact SEU.

For more information, visit the Special Events page.

Community Service Organization

The Community Service Organization (CSO) is most recognizable as SafeWalk (formerly BearWalk), a major component of UC Berkeley Night Safety Services. CSOs are student members of UCPD Berkeley, readily identified by their high-visibility outfits. They are unarmed and non-confrontational but they have direct access to the police radio in an emergency. Most are equipped with flashlights and some have pepper-spray for self-defense.

CSOs also perform some security and support functions, and they largely self-manage their program. It’s a great way to serve the community while earning part-time income. For more information, visit the CSO page

To learn more about UC Berkeley Night Safety Services, visit:

To request a SafeWalk, visit:

Specialized Units and Services

The UCPD Berkeley Bomb Squad is a regional asset that services the campus and 22 other Federal, state and local partners with the capacity to identify and render safe suspected explosive devices. Our Bomb Squad has a long history, dating back more than 40 years.

Our Explosives Detection Canine Program, established in 2001, consists of highly-skilled police officers partnered with well-schooled dogs. They train frequently to hone their abilities and deploy hundreds of times each year to safeguard UC Berkeley events and facilities, and to assist our regional partners.

Although every officer at UCPD Berkeley is prepared to respond to critical incidents, those who are assigned to the Negotiations & Entry Team (NET) maintain an additional set of skills for extremely high risk situations. Negotiators work to diffuse crisis and bring about non-violent conclusions through effective communication. The Entry Team stands ready to utilize special weapons and tactics as a last resort in defense of the campus community.

With the need to protect the right to free speech in mind at all times, officers selected for the UCPD Systemwide Response Team (SRT) are tasked with crowd control and mass arrest functions when persons engaged in unlawful assemblies cause harm to the rights of others. SRT members also provide dignitary protection services for campus officials, distinguished visitors and others who temporarily require increased security at campus locations or events.