Feedback Results

Picture of Berkeley students walking on campus

To collect and consider diverse perspectives that might help us improve various services, and to more effectively engage with our immediate/extended communities and stakeholders, UCPD Berkeley solicits real-time feedback from those whom we contact and serve.

Calls for Service Feedback

UCPD Berkeley uses an automated messaging system to confirm the receipt of calls for service with reporting parties. Plus, they solicit feedback from those persons about how satisfied they were with our response to the call. Below are the most recent available results:

Crime Victim Feedback

Most adult crime victims are offered the option of receiving automated crime case status notifications. Those who opt-in also receive survey invitations to evaluate how well we handled the initial report and their satisfaction with any subsequent investigation or assistance. Below are the most recent available results:

Real-Time Survey Feedback

Any member of the public may submit feedback about any incident or event involving UCPD Berkeley. General input on department policy, procedures, or activities is also welcomed. Below are the most recent available results:

How Feedback is Utilized

All survey responses are reviewed to help us improve our services.

Comments that describe the performance of individual employees are forwarded to the appropriate chain of command. Feedback on department policies, procedures, and activities are sent to the appropriate command staff member for review and any necessary action.