File a Complaint

Are you filing a complaint about a UC Berkeley Police Department (UCPD) Officer? Go to the Police Accountability Board (PAB) webpage for more details.

If you are filing a complaint for non-UCPD officers/others, see the details below:

UC Berkeley Police Department's Complaint Investigation Unit was created to assure that complete, fair, and impartial investigations are made of citizen complaints.

To file a complaint for a non-sworn UCPD officers/others

  • You can make a complaint in person at any time (day or night) to any police department employee.
  • You can use the Citizen Complaint form:  CitizenComplaint.pdf
  • You can also file your complaint at any of the following offices:

All complaints shall be forwarded immediately to the UCPD's Chief of Police. For individuals requiring disability accommodations, we can provide assistance to complete the complaint form.

Time limit(s)

There is a time limit on complaints:

  • 30 calendar days from the date of the incident for most complaints
  • Up to 90 calendar days from the date of the incident in the case of a sexual harassment complaint.

How are complaints handled?

Complaints are normally referred to the Duty Supervisor, who responds depending on the circumstances. The Duty Supervisor can:

  • Open an immediate investigation, or
  • Forward a report to the Complaint Investigation Unit

Complaint Investigation Policy

Informal resolution of complaints

Campus Ombuds Offices are available to assist with informal resolution of complaints. Assistance provided by the Ombuds Offices is separate from the formal process.

You can make an informal complaint at the Ombuds Office:

  • Faculty (and non-Senate academics), 510-642-4226
  • Staff, 510-642-7823
  • Students, 510-642-5754