Frequently Asked Questions


Can I contact the police about crime using email, Twitter, or Facebook?

I want to tell the police about some things I see that are suspicious, but I don't want to call 9-1-1. Can I just post on Twitter and tag UCPD_Cal? Or can I send a message via Facebook to the UCPDCal page? How about writing an email? Is it okay just to send an email to

DO NOT report via Email or Facebook or Twitter

You should never use email or social media to make a report of crime in progress of any sort. We do not accept these kinds of reports. These methods are not monitored by officers or dispatchers with the frequency needed to be safe. Instead, please call or stop by the department at any time day or night. We are always here to help.

Use CalTIP

You may use CalTIP to make a report by texting to (510) 664-8477. If you are hearing-impaired, this is a good way to reach UCPD in an emergency, but CalTIP is best used to make non-emergency reports. These types of reports can still play a role in ongoing law enforcement activity and we encourage such reporting. Use CalTIP to submit a brief description to UCPD and start an anonymous dialog.

Contact other CSAs

If you don't want to make a police report at this time, you may decide instead to contact another kind of Campus Security Authority. Any CSA at Berkeley is someone who has "significant responsibility for student and campus activities." 

To report a Hate Crime, for instance, you can report anonymously at

What do I do if I think I have been robbed?

I have lost something and I think it was stolen from me. Does this happen a lot?

Unfortunately, theft is by far the most common crime on campus property. Learn more about theft prevention. You can reduce the incidence of theft by reporting suspicious persons and adhering to Access Control policies by not holding cardkey protected doors open for unknown people. This awareness and vigilence is particularly important in our Residence Halls.

Technically speaking, if you didn't meet the robber, you probably weren't "robbed." The definition of Robbery implies a confrontation between the robber and the victim.

You may also have simply lost the item and all recovered items found unattended on campus should be delivered to UCPD where they will be logged in the Campus Lost and Found.

If you have been a victim of robbery, get to a safe place and contact UCPD immediately to report the crime. If you don't have a cell phone, you can use a Blue Light phone if you're on campus property. Your timely report may save someone else from being a victim.

Where should I file my report?

I've experienced or witnessed a crime and I am ready to report it to the police, but I'm not sure which agency to call.

Any police report should be filed in the city or jurisdiction where the crime occurred. If the crime occurred on campus or on University owned property, report it to UCPD and we will provide all investigation and follow-up. If the crime occurred off campus, outside of campus-controlled activities and locations, it should be reported to to the local jurisdiction. For instance, contact the City of Berkeley Police Department for incidents in non-campus residences. If you would like to get some advice about filing a police report, you can call the non-emergency number, (510) 642-6760, at any time and ask to speak to a UC police sergeant.

How do I contact the City of Berkeley Police Department?

If incidents occur at a place that is neither owned nor managed by the University it may be out of UCPD's jurisdiction. If you are not sure whether you should report a crime to the UC Police or to another agency, you can call UC Police at (510) 642-6760 to ask an on-duty sergeant for advice.

However, in ALL EMERGENCIES dial 911 
Make an emergency call to City of Berkeley Police Department (BPD) from a cell phone by dialing (510) 981-5911. 

Make a non-emergency call to BPD by dialing (510) 981-5900, or email 

The City of Berkeley Police Department is located at 2100 Martin Luther King Jr. Way (at Center), Berkeley, CA 94704.

How safe is it here?

Are there crime statistics for the UC Berkeley area that are available to see?

Yes, you can see three years of crime statistics by viewing the UC Berkeley Annual Security Report.

According to laws such as the Clery Act, which is enforced by the Department of Education, the UC Berkeley campus will produce an Annual Security Report that contains crime statistics for campus-owned and campus-affiliated properties over the past three years, including call outs for housing.

Campus administration, usually via UCPD, will make the report's availablity known to all members of the campus community by no later than October 1st each year by sending a campuswide email with the link.

How can I identify a BearWALK CSO?

When you've called BearWALK to request an escort, you will receive a confirmation message telling you when and where to expect your CSO escort. You can be sure that the person who reports for your walk is a UCPD employee by noticing their uniform, and you may ask for their UCPD-issued identification card to confirm.

CSOs will have a UCPD-issued identification card showing their full name and their badge number. They also carry a police radio. When working as BearWALKers, they always wear yellow shirts and jackets that are either yellow or blue. All garments have "CSO" on the back, and the CSO Seal on the left breast.  See pictures below.

Two CSOs in blue jackets with police radios walking bikes      

Contact Information

For questions or concerns, contact the Manager of the CSO Program Kevin Vincent at (510) 642-3722 or 

Can I have a defensive spray?

I am frequently walking around Berkeley and am feeling unsafe. Is it legal for me to carry and use a defensive spray?

Defensive sprays are permitted on campus and in the City of Berkeley to people who are over 18 years of age who are not convicted felons. 

Before purchasing your canister, you should be aware of the laws concerning its use as well as other issues related to the physical effects of tear gas on human beings.

What is that siren?

It is Wednesday at noon. I hear a siren. Is everything okay?

Yes. What we hear every Wednesday at noon is the test Siren and Announcement, for our Alerting and Warning System (AWS). The UC Berkeley campus siren is tested on the first Wednesday of every month. Other sirens that are tested in the Berkeley area have different schedules.

In case of a major emergency, the campus will broadcast on KALX 90.7 and will post messages at a site which is hosted at a remote server. The campus will also make an outgoing telephone message available at 1-800-705-9998.

My neighbors are too noisy. Who do I call?

Is it different for residence halls and houses?

UCPD has jurisdiction over campus property, including Residence Halls, while City of Berkeley Police have jurisdiction over areas in Berkeley that are not owned by the University.  Excessive noise makers may be cited and fined as per City ordinances, or disciplined as per Residential Living rules, but a noise complaint is not a threat to life, limb, or property. You would call the non-emergency number for the agency with authority in your area for noise complaints.

  • UCPD — non-emergency, 24 hours 510/642-6760
  • BPD — non-emergency, 24 hours, 510/981-5900

Learn more about emergency and non-emergency reporting of crime
Learn more about Jurisdiction and Authority
Learn more about laws, policies and rules governing noise and disturbance on campus, in the city, and statewide

How many people work at UCPD?

How many people work at UCPD Berkeley?

68 sworn officers

83 full-time civilian personnel

45 student employees.

How can I file a complaint?

How can I give feedback to UCPD, such as file a complaint, or offer constructive criticism?

UCPD is beholden to its community. Citizens can make complaints by printing and completing the Citizen Complaint form.

The UC Berkeley Police Review Board will accept complaints which shall be forwarded immediately to the Chief of Police.

If you would like to contribute ideas about our website, our services or make constructive criticism and rate your experience with UCPD personnel, you may email us at For website comments, please use the website feedback googleform

Is UCPD the custodian of all campus Lost and Found items?

If I've lost something on campus, where can I go to try to find it?

Is there another Lost & Found on campus?

UCPD (University of California Police Department) is the central repository for lost and found on the Berkeley Campus. Buildings throughout campus will sometimes maintain their own collection of non-valuable lost & found items such as books or clothing, but should turn over anything of value to UCPD on a weekly basis. 

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