Administration Division

View of Sproul Hall from Balcony of Student Union

The Administration Division encompases the many units, specialists and functions that are required to enable and support UCPD Berkeley’s direct provision of public safety and emergency services. Department members in these roles usually work behind-the-scenes but are just as important to the success of our agency as our uniformed and field personnel.

Professional Standards

The Professional Standards Unit maintains UCPD Berkeley’s policies and internal accountability processes. It oversees departmental administrative investigations (including internal affairs, complaint and background investigations). The Administration Division manager serves as the agency’s primary custodian of records (although portions of this duty may be delegated to other department members as appropriate and necessary).

Other duties of the Professional Standards unit include accreditation efforts, identification of and compliance with relevant legal and administrative mandates, and organizational change management.

For more information, visit the Professional Standards Unit page.

Records & Communications

Our Records and Communications Unit receives and assigns calls for service, and maintains the reports and data that document all of UCPD Berkeley’s field activities. It is also designated as the main Lost & Found office for the campus.

For more information, visit the Records and Communications page

Recruiting, Hiring, & Training

Managing the UCPD Berkeley Recruiting, Hiring & Training functions is one of the Administration Division’s main responsibilities - identifying new candidates for every open position and preparing all department members to work effectively and efficiently in service of the campus community.  

For information about career opportunities at UCPD Berkeley, visit the Careers page

Facilities, Property, & Evidence

UCPD Berkeley’s Facilities, Property & Evidence specialists ensure that our station is well maintained and secure, that our department members have appropriate equipment and supplies, and that the integrity of physical evidence is maintained.

Community Engagement

Community Engagement is a department-wide expectation, but the Administration Division includes the Public Information Officer (PIO) and serves as the primary liaison for campus and community partnerships. Other duties include maintaining the UCPD Berkeley website, community feedback systems, social media presence, and the development and delivery of outreach programs, presentations and materials.

Information Technology

Modern police departments require sophisticated Information Technology capacities to maintain critical services even under the most difficult conditions, and UCPD Berkeley is no exception. Our devices and networks require constant management and updates. To meet the critical and sensitive needs of public safety and the criminal justice system, information security is essential, as is accuracy, reliability and interoperability.

Crime Prevention Services

UCPD Berkeley’s Crime Prevention Services are largely limited to oversight, support and guidance. Security technology systems (access control, security alarms, emergency telephones and security video) are managed by other campus units. As resources allow, UCPD evaluates requests to remove hardwired campus telephone lines, conducts surveys of existing facilities and reviews campus architectural plans for safety and security improvements. 

For more information, visit the Crime Prevention Services page

Business Services Unit

UCPD Berkeley could not function without an effective Business Services Unit to make sure our service contracts are compliant, our financial accounts are settled and our business records meet standards. These functions ensure the department’s ability to provide public safety and emergency response services continues uninterrupted.