Crime Prevention Services

Crime Prevention Services

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To help prevent crime, UCPD Berkeley coordinates with campus and community resources to maximize the effectiveness of various public safety and security policies, programs, systems and technologies. 

Our crime prevention services include security surveys for campus properties, consultations on the planning and design of new and renovated facilities, and guidance on other physical, environmental and organizational security needs and concerns. The department also administers certain campus policies that require a public safety perspective.

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Security surveys and architectural plan review

A security survey is a comprehensive review of a specific location to identify opportunities for improving the safety and security of persons who use that space. A number of strategies might be considered including the use of physical security hardware and technologies, adjustments to the built environment, and changes to activities, procedures or systems.

UCPD Berkeley also participates in the review of campus architectural plans to optimize security systems and identify opportunities for crime prevention through environmental design.

For questions about security surveys and architectural plan reviews, please send an email to

Emergency telephone kiosks and e911

The University maintains a system of emergency telephones (“blue light phones”) available for public use when needed on and near campus properties. UCPD Berkeley consults on the appropriate placement and functioning of these kiosks, consistent with campus design standards and safety regulations and concerns.  

For more information about emergency telephones, or to report a damaged or malfunctioning emergency telephone, please send an email to

In partnership with campus Berkeley Information Technology, UCPD Berkeley ensures that the campus provides sufficient wired telephones in buildings to meet e911 requirements and emergency response needs. When concerns arise, UCPD has the final authority to determine if a wired telephone should be installed, modified or removed. For details, please consult the campus policy on voice communications

If you have questions about e911 standards, please send an email to

Unmanned aircraft systems (drones) on campus

In partnership with the UC Berkeley Office of Risk Services, UCPD Berkeley administers the campus Unmanned Aircraft Systems policy. All drone operators, whether commercial, recreational or affiliated with the University, are required to comply with this policy.

Flight request forms must be submitted to the Office of Risk Services and UCPD Berkeley to seek approval a minimum of seven (7) business days in advance of the planned flight. A post-flight report must also be filed with the police department no later than three (3) business days after any flight.

Additional rules and restrictions apply - for details and forms, please review the full policy:

Campus Unmanned Aircraft Systems (Drones) policy

Flight request forms and post-flight reports may be sent by email to police@berkeley.eduand will be forwarded to the Lieutenant overseeing Special Events for review. For questions about this process or policy please send an email to

To report a violation, call UCPD at (510) 642-6760.


As of April 2021, the campus security technology systems (access control, security alarms & security cameras) are no longer managed by UCPD Berkeley. For new contact information and guidance, please select an option below: