Threat Assessment and Management

The University of California Police Department (UCPD) is prepared for a wide variety of public safety emergencies that might affect the campus community, but would rather prevent crisis if possible.

This goal poses several challenges. In some cases there are law enforcement options available to resolve potential threats before they occur, but many situations involving behavioral concerns do not include criminal acts and so the ability for police to influence the situation is limited. It is also difficult for one person or agency to consistently gather and assess all the information that might be needed to determine if a threat exists.

To better achieve this purpose UCPD has forged strong partnerships with other campus and community resources, and together we proactively address reports of concerning behavior and other signs of potential threats to the University, utilizing a variety of options that might be available and appropriate.

Reporting Behavior of Concern

Any act or imminent threat of significant physical violence within or against the campus community should be reported immediately to the police as an emergency situation. Other situations presenting a potential threat of significant physical violence within or against the University community should be reported to UCPD without unnecessary delay.

For emergencies on campus, call (510) 642-3333.

Otherwise, to report a crime or threat please call (510)-642-6760 or visit UCPD (1 Sproul Hall, UC Berkeley) 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

To report non-criminal and non-urgent behavior of concern by a student, you may submit a CARE report to the UC Berkeley Students of Concern Committee (SOCC) online at

For non-criminal and non-urgent behavior of concern by a campus employee, you may notify that person’s supervisor or manager, or try one of the following options:

Faculty – Academic Personnel Office (APO) at
Staff (except housing) – UC People & Culture (HR) at
Housing staff – Housing Facilities, Operations & Services (HFOS) at

UCPD Threat Management Unit (TMU)

The UCPD Threat Management Unit (TMU) is an element of the UCPD Criminal Investigations Bureau (CIB), and consists of detectives (sworn peace officers) who are assigned to assess, investigate and manage the response to potential threats, in addition to their other duties as criminal investigators. UCPD Berkeley was a pioneer in this proactive approach, establishing TMU in 1995 as one of the first units of its type in the country.

TMU detectives routinely addresses a wide variety of situations, including but not limited to those involving concerns about the behavior and mental health of students and employees, workplace conflict, hateful speech, stalking, relationship violence, sexual violence and disruptive or threatening conduct by persons unaffiliated with the University.

Threat Management Presentations

To help educate the campus community on issues related to threat assessment and management, TMU detectives are available to provide affiliated groups with presentations on this topic. With sufficient advance notice and preparation we may be able to customize a presentation to meet your specific needs or concerns. To learn more about available UCPD presentations, or to schedule a presentation, please visit the Presentations and Outreach information page.

Behavioral Risk / Response Team (BRT)

UCPD serves as the chair for the UC Berkeley Behavioral Risk / Response Team (BRT), a group of key campus officials with the shared mission of enabling a coordinated, multi-disciplinary assessment and response to known credible risks of significant physical violence within or against the University community.

When UCPD becomes aware of such a threat and assesses it as posing a high risk, BRT is convened to review the situation and prepare a response plan. A variety of response options may be available depending on the specific situation. BRT engages the assistance of other University and community resources, representatives and experts as needed to help try to mitigate the concern.

To download a copy of the current BRT operational guidelines, click here. (PDF coming soon)

For additional information or questions about BRT, please visit UCPD Berkeley or call (510) 642-6760 and ask to speak to the Special Operations Lieutenant during standard business hours.