Bicycle and Mobility Device Registration

UCPD Berkeley offers free bicycle and mobility device registration to all members of the campus community to help prevent theft and to improve the chances of returning your bicycle or mobility device to you if it is stolen. 

Bicycle and Mobility Device Registration:

M - F, 8AM to 4PM UCPD Berkeley Lobby - Room 1, Sproul Hall

Items Eligible for Registration

“Bicycle” includes electric and manual bicycles but not mopeds or motor-driven cycles.

“Mobility Device” includes electric and manual scooters, skateboards, and other personal transportation devices permitted for use by law and policy on the UC Berkeley campus. 

Devices or vehicles with other than electric engines or which are subject to other license / registration requirements may not be registered under this program.

You may register all qualifying bicycles and mobility devices that you own. 

Pre-Register and Save Time

Save time by completing the pre-registration process before bringing your bicycle or mobility device to UCPD Berkeley. Fill out the on-line form at the following link:

After you submit the pre-registration form, you must still visit our department during hours of bicycle registration to complete the process. When you arrive, we will be able to retrieve your information quickly and expedite service for you. 

How to Register

To register your bicycle or mobility device, bring it to UCPD Berkeley’s lobby (in the basement of Sproul Hall on the UC Berkeley campus) along with your current, valid identification. We recommend that you call the UCPD non-emergency line, (510)-642-6760, prior to your visit to ensure that a Community Service Officer can assist you. We must see you and your bicycle or mobility device in person to complete the registration process. There are no appointments - you will be assisted in the order that you arrive. We will need to collect your contact information and the following details about your bicycle or mobility device:

  • Type of bicycle or device

  • Manufacturer and model

  • Serial number

  • Color

  • Frame size (bicycles)

  • Wheel diameter (bicycles)

  • Unique permanent features (optional)

We will help you apply two permanent decals to your bicycle or mobility device - a license number, and an issuing agency identifier with expiration date. These decals should be placed prominently to discourage theft.

UCPD Berkeley will maintain a local record of your registration (it is not transmitted to the California Department of Motor Vehicles or sent to any other agency). In the event your bicycle or mobility device is stolen, you may contact us to gather the information we have on file for reporting purposes. If a registered bicycle or mobility device is lost or stolen but then recovered by another police agency, that agency will be able to use the information from the decals and quickly verify ownership with us so that your property can be returned to you. Registration records will be retained for at least five (5) years.

If you have any questions about this service, please call our 24-hour non-emergency telephone number or send an email to

Change of Address or Ownership

If your address or contact information changes but you still own a bicycle or mobility device registered with UCPD Berkeley, please let us know your new information within 10 (ten) days, by visiting our department in person or by sending an email to

If you sell or otherwise dispose of a bicycle or mobility device that is registered with UCPD Berkeley, please provide the new owner’s contact information (or the disposition of the bicycle or mobility device) along with your registration information within 10 (ten) days, by visiting our department in person or by sending an email to

Secure UC Berkeley Bicylce Parking Areas

Persons with registered bicycles or mobility devices may also be eligible to park in certain secure parking areas on campus. Access to these locations is not managed by UCPD Berkeley. For more information about campus parking options for bicycles and mobility devices, please visit the UC Department of Parking and Transportation web page:

Additional Resources

To learn more about UCPD Berkeley’s role in promoting safety and security for pedestrians, bicyclists, mobility device users and other vehicle operators on the UC Berkeley campus, please visit our Traffic Safety and Vehicle Security resource page:

For information about registration and licensing for mopeds, motor-driven cycles and other vehicles, please visit the California Department of Motor Vehicles website: