Community Service Officer (CSO) Program

If you are interested in working for UCPD as a student-employee that operates BearWALK, follow this link:

The Community Service Officer Program is designed to promote the personal and professional development of each and every Community Service Officer (CSO).

Our CSO Program is staffed by a cadre of up to 60 part-time student employees. The CSOs provide the BearWALK night safety escort service to students, faculty and staff. CSO activities provide a high-profile uniformed presence during the hours of darkness, and positively impact the coordinated safety efforts for the entire campus. The CSOs also provide a contracted presence in residence halls and libraries.  Additionally, in cooperation with UC Berkeley Parking & Transportation, the Night Safety and Door to Door Shuttles served over 140,000 passengers.

Organizational Values

Community Service 

is the ultimate goal of our organization. Community service is an attitude of caring and desire to help the campus community. We strive for quality, timeliness, and excellence in our services. 


is at the core of our work. Integrity is being honest and ethical with both ourselves and others. We accept responsibility for our actions and are willing to learn from our mistakes, thereby earning respect, credibility, and the public's trust. 


is the style in which we carry out our duties. Professionalism is a projection of the responsibility and pride we have in our position. We hold ourselves to high standards by continuous evaluation of ourselves and our program. 


is the quality we exhibit in our interaction and communication with others. Sensitivity is a display of respect for the desires and rights of other individuals. We want to respond to others in a tactful, understanding, and helpful manner.


• Operation of the BearWALK Night Safety Service

• Nighttime patrol of the residence halls

• Nighttime patrol of the certain libraries

• Supplemental presence at concerts, sporting venues, and special events

The Position

The CSO program is service-oriented. CSOs are non-confrontational and do not act as law enforcement officers. CSO's typically operate UCPD's Night Safety Services, BearWALK Service, for members of the campus community, and frequently conduct security foot patrols of campus proper, outlying campus properties, the student residence halls, and libraries. CSOs also provide general support for the University Police Department, including staffing for special events. (i.e. concerts, dances, sport events etc), and are expected to report any situation requiring a police response. The CSO Program allow many opportunities for promotion and professional advancement including Specialist, IC (In-Charge) CSO, Field Training Officer, and Supervisory positions.

Job Types 

  • BearWalk Nighttime Safety Service 
  • Housing Patrol
  • Boalt Library Patrol
  • Moffitt Library Patrol
  • Bechtel Hall Patrol
  • Parking & Transportation Valet Keys Assistance
  • Campus Bicycle Registration
  • Special Event Security
  • Traffic Direction
  • and more!

More detailed descriptions of each job type is available.


  • be a registered UC Berkeley student in good academic standing.
  • have a valid California drivers' license.
  • pass a detailed background investigation.
  • be prepared to work a minimum of 14-20 hours per week (2 shifts a week), including evening, night, and weekend shifts.
  • be able to work late night and early morning shifts, some lasting until 4 A.M.
  • be able to walk 6-12 miles per night.
  • have vision correctable for safe and legal operation of a standard-equipped motor vehicle.
  • be able to, given training, quickly and accurately manipulate the controls of a police radio, and be able to communicate effectively with and clearly understand a police dispatcher, via radio.
  • be able to effectively use a flashlight
  • be able to write in a concisely and legibly
  • be able to follow written and oral instructions, with a minimum of supervision
  • be able to remain calm in stressful situations and utilize common sense.
  • be able to work and communicate with the general public and maintain a demeanor of professionalism that is acceptable to the general public, and conforms to departmental standards

The Application Process

Completed applications should be returned to Rm. 1, Sproul Hall basement (the lobby of the Police Department). 

ApplicationReceipt of your application will be acknowledged via telephone. A Walk-Along and an Oral Board will be scheduled at his time.

Walk-Along: You must complete a walk-along prior to your oral board. During the walk-along, you will be paired up with an on-duty CSO for approximately one half-hour. This will allow you to experience CSO duties and to ask any questions you may have.

Oral Board Interview: The interview will consist of an oral board panel who will take turns asking you questions about yourself, and then present you with some hypothetical situations. You will be expected to explain how you would react in such situations. Your score is based on how well you answer these personal and hypothetical questions.

An example of a personal question is: "Why do you want to be a CSO?"

The following is an example of a hypothetical question: You are on duty, in uniform, equipped with a police radio and a flashlight. You are walking a student home when you hear a report on the radio of a bike theft, which just occurred, near your location. Suddenly, you see the suspect walking the bike toward you. What would you do?

The Oral Board is an important part of the hiring process, so you will want to present yourself well. Try not to be too nervous. Do not be surprised if the interviewers question your answers. They are not trying to antagonize you; they are trying to learn more about you and the reasoning behind your answers. The interview will last 30 minutes.

Background Investigation and Fingerprinting Check: You will be notified of the hiring decision within 24 hours of your Oral Board interview. Offers of employment are conditional until completion of the background investigation process and fingerprint checks, which may take up to two weeks. After being offered employment, you will be required to attend a mandatory New Hire Orientation, as well as successfully pass the training program in the field.

Contact Information

For questions or concerns, contact the Director of the CSO Program Wade MacAdam at (510) 642-3722 or