Racial and Identity Profiling Act

In 2015, California passed the Racial and Identity Profiling act (RIPA), mandating all state and local law enforcement agencies to collect and report detailed information about every person detained and/or searched by police. Data collection for most agencies (including UCPD Berkeley) began in January 2022 with annual reporting due by April 2023.  

RIPA requires the officer to report their perception of personal characteristics (age, gender identity, LGB+ status, race / ethnicity, limited English fluency & disability status) along with the reasons for the detention / search, additional actions taken by the officer(s), and the outcomes of the stop. RIPA data from every police department in California is sent to the state Department of Justice for analysis and publication.

UCPD Berkeley is committed to fair and unbiased policing, and welcomes the opportunity to identify and eliminate inequitable practices and actions. We believe the justice system itself should be both accessible and accountable, and we support efforts to change socioeconomic structures and forces that perpetuate oppression, poverty and prejudice.

UCPD Berkeley Preliminary RIPA Data by Month - 2022

Monthly reports available by clicking below: 
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Traffic Stop Data

Prior to RIPA, UCPD Berkeley collected basic data on the age, race and gender of drivers detained during traffic stops, along with the reason and outcome of the stop.

To review this information, please visit: https://ucpd.berkeley.edu/alerts-and-data/traffic-stop-data