Office of the Chief


Thank you for taking time to review our website. Here, you can:

  • Learn more about the safety programs and services that support our campus community.
  • Find out how you can help us maintain a safe and secure campus.

Keeping our campus safe is our top priority. Any act of crime against members of our community is serious. If you are aware of suspicious or unlawful behavior, please report it to us right away. We investigate all reported crimes in our jurisdiction. Every report helps to make the Berkeley campus and City of Berkeley safer for all.

We support survivors of crime.

The Campus Annual Security Report discloses statistics for crimes that are reported to UCPD, to Berkeley's local police partners, and to our Campus Security Authorities (CSAs).

We hope you will be inspired to participate with us in the crime prevention programs offered at UC Berkeley.

Team with us. Responsible actions, care for others, and vigilance make this world-class campus a safer place.

Go Bears!

Margo Bennett, Chief of Police

About Chief Bennett

Bennett earned a bachelor’s degree in sociology/criminal justice and master’s in counseling psychology at West Georgia University. Serving in the West Georgia U. campus police department, she rose to lieutenant. She then moved to the FBI, working there for more than a decade. Next, Bennett went to Northern Virginia Community College, the second-largest community college in the nation. There, she became chief of police.

Bennett joined UCPD as a captain in 2002. In May 2013, she was sworn in as chief of police.