Game Day

Cal Athletics: Fan Code Of Conduct

To help make sure the game safe and enjoyable for everyone, please take a moment ahead of time to learn what is permissible or prohibited in the stadium.

Prohibited ACTIONS 

The following actions are prohibited:

  • Any action that disrupts other guests' enjoyment of the game
  • Possession of any item listed on the "Prohibited Items List"
  • Use of foul, abusive, or obscene language or gestures
  • Fighting, taunting, or threatening remarks or gestures
  • Intoxication or signs of impairment related to alcohol or drug use
  • Fans that appear to be inebriated and unmanageable will not be permitted admittance into the stadium and may be subject to arrest.
  • Failure to follow the directions of law enforcement or stadium management
  • Sitting in a seat other than one's ticketed seat location
  • Engaging in action that causes a disruption or interferes with the game
  • Refusal to remove clothing deemed offensive or obscene
  • Smoking and/or tobacco use

Prohibited ITEMS

The following items are prohibited inside California Memorial Stadium. All guests are subject to search before being admitted into the venue (see bag policy). Items left outside the stadium by guests will be disposed of by stadium staff. Prohibited items are subject to change.

  • Backpacks 
  • Bags larger than 14"x14"x6"
  • Alcohol of any kind
  • Animals
  • Banners / Signs
  • Balls or other projectiles
  • Weapons
  • Hard fruit or Vegetables (unless cut into small pieces)
  • Glass or Metal Bottles
  • Cans
  • Sticks / Poles
  • Fireworks
  • Hard coolers
  • Umbrellas
  • Derogatory, profane, scantily clad, or offensive clothing
  • Artificial noise making devices
  • Video Cameras
  • Monos / Tripods
  • Professional Cameras
  • Laser Pointers
  • Tobacco Products (including e-cigarettes)
  • Skateboards / rollerblades / scooters / roller shoes
  • Balloons
  • Illegal drugs
  • Segways (ADA only), Bicycles, Tri-Bikes