Presentations and Outreach

To help the campus community minimize the opportunity for crime and reduce its harmful impacts, UCPD provides education and promotes awareness on a variety of public safety topics.  While our department is prepared to respond to a wide variety of crimes and safety threats, we would much rather prevent them if possible.

The Crime Prevention Unit (CPU) coordinates and delivers most of UCPD’s presentations and other general outreach efforts.  Our officers can be scheduled to meet with groups or participate in events and provide safety and security information as needed.  CPU staff can also help identify other resources and authorities that might be appropriate and beneficial for any particular outreach need.  

Potential presentation topics include:

  • General campus safety and resources
  • Campus threat assessment & response
  • Alcohol and substance abuse laws
  • Tools to survive targeted violence
  • Avoiding scams & cybercrime
  • UCPD’s response to sexual violence, relationship violence & stalking
  • Police / community engagement efforts
  • Pepper Spray and self defense information
  • Vehicle laws and rules on and near campus
  • Recommendations for safe protests and events

If you have a specific issue, concern or context you would like UCPD to address we may be able to customize a presentation and/or partner with another campus or community resource.  

CPU also arranges for UCPD participation on other occasions including Cal Day, new student or new employee orientations, public information fairs, and other welcoming or open-house style events.  

For a custom topic, please contact us at least 4 (four) weeks ahead of time so we can discuss, decide and prepare.  We would appreciate at least a 2 (two) week notice for all other topics.  Our availability may also depend upon other priorities, scheduling conflicts or department needs. 

For more information, or to request a presentation or participation in an event, please send an email topolice@berkeley.eduor call the Crime Prevention Officer at (510) 642-3722.