How can I identify a BearWALK CSO?

When you've called BearWALK to request an escort, you will receive a confirmation message telling you when and where to expect your CSO escort. You can be sure that the person who reports for your walk is a UCPD employee by noticing their uniform, and you may ask for their UCPD-issued identification card to confirm.

CSOs will have a UCPD-issued identification card showing their full name and their badge number. They also carry a police radio. When working as BearWALKers, they always wear yellow shirts and jackets that are either yellow or blue. All garments have "CSO" on the back, and the CSO Seal on the left breast.  See pictures below.

Two CSOs in blue jackets with police radios walking bikes      

Contact Information

For questions or concerns, contact the Manager of the CSO Program Kevin Vincent at (510) 642-3722 or