Community Service Organization (CSO)

Community Service Officers on the North Sproul Hall steps

The Community Service Organization is designed to promote the personal and professional development of each and every CSO.

Our CSO Program is staffed by a cadre of up to 90 part-time student employees. The CSOs provide the SafeWalk (formerly known as BearWalk) night safety escort service to students, faculty and staff. CSO activities provide a high-profile uniformed presence during the hours of darkness, and positively impact the coordinated safety efforts for the entire campus. The CSOs also provide a contracted presence in residence halls and libraries.  Additionally, in cooperation with UC Berkeley Parking & Transportation, the Night Safety and Door to Door Shuttles served over 140,000 passengers.

If you are interested in working for UCPD as a student-employee that operates SafeWalk, follow the link on the right to apply!

If you are not in the area but would like to work as a CSO when you return back to campus, apply now! Our hiring process is now mostly remote and can be completed prior to you arrival to campus.

Cal Week: UCPD & BearWalk