UCPD has law enforcement authority on campus property. 

University Police - For emergencies, please dial 911 [You may also dial (510) 642-3333 from a cell phone for UCPD Emergency] 

  • UCPD has primary law enforcement jurisdiction on the campus of the University of California and associated university properties. The department is empowered as a full-service state law enforcement agency.
  • You can reach UCPD at (510) 642-6760police@berkeley.eduhttp://police.berkeley.edu
  • You may also contact UCPD Survivor Resource Specialist Claudia Archer for personal assistance through the reporting process.  She may be reached at 510-642-9113 or ccp@berkeley.edu.  
  • To report non-emergency criminal activity anonymously, send a text message using CalTIP, Berkeley's text-based anonymous reporting tool, by texting (510) 664-8477 (4-TIPS).

Berkeley Police Department - For emergencies, please dial 911. [You may also dial (510) 981-5911 from a cell phone for BPD emergency]

While UCPD does not have primary responsibility for responding to most non-University properties (Noncampus), such as fraternities, sororities and some cooperative housing, UCPD does regularly collaborate with local law enforcement agencies to respond to crimes and incidents at these locations and to collate incident data for required statistical reporting under the Clery Act.

Crimes and incidents occurring at non-University properties, even those controlled or owned by officially recognized student organizations, should be reported to the local law enforcement agency, as they have primary responsibility for taking reports and handling calls for service there.

UCPD does have primary responsibility for the following cooperatives

  • Cloyne Court
  • Fenwick-Weavers
  • Rochdale Village
  • The Convent

UCPD and the University actively monitor and inquire about police responses to all off-campus locations of this type. UCPD has a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Berkeley Police Department signed by both chiefs every year, which allows for either agency to request assistance or assist as needed.

Report Crime

Is it an Emergency?

Is this an "imminent threat to life, limb or property"?  If it is, call 9-1-1 immediately.

You can also press the red button on any of the Code Blue Phones around campus to reach UCPD.

But there are other reasons to report crime, even if it is not an emergency.

It helps law enforcement...

  • find and arrest a suspect in a crime

  • track criminal activity and identify trends in various areas

  • recover stolen property

Jurisdiction and Authority

This page outlines the jurisdiction and authority of the University of California Police Department, at Berkeley. It was last updated in December of 2007.

How safe is it here?

Are there crime statistics for the UC Berkeley area that are available to see?

Yes, you can see three years of crime statistics by viewing the UC Berkeley Annual Security Report.

Tips for preventing cell phone theft

May 23, 2016

The suspect(s) will ask to use a victim’s cell phone—usually claiming the need to contact a sick family member. Once the suspect has the cell phone, the suspect(s) drive off in a vehicle—stealing the phone.

BPD would like to remind and encourage people to employ a few crime prevention measures that can help reduce your risk of falling prey to these types of crimes.

Game Day

Cal Athletics: Fan Code Of Conduct

To help make sure the game safe and enjoyable for everyone, please take a moment ahead of time to learn what is permissible or prohibited in the stadium.

We recommend visiting CalBears.com to see the full "GameDay Visitors Guide".

Special Event Safety

Before the Event

Before going to a large arena event, be sure to designate a meeting area in case your group becomes separated. This is particularly important if you have small children with you. When parking your vehicle be sure to do the following:

How do I contact the City of Berkeley Police Department?

If incidents occur at a place that is neither owned nor managed by the University it may be out of UCPD's jurisdiction. If you are not sure whether you should report a crime to the UC Police or to another agency, you can call UC Police at (510) 642-6760 to ask an on-duty sergeant for advice.

However, in ALL EMERGENCIES dial 911 
Make an emergency call to City of Berkeley Police Department (BPD) from a cell phone by dialing (510) 981-5911. 


If you know of a non-emergency crime that has occurred or is occurring on campus, we would like you to report it. 

cal@tipnow.com or 
510/664-8477 (from campus phone, you can dial "4-TIPS")

Within minutes, a texted tip will be received by UCPD's dispatch center, where it will be forwarded to the appropriate division of the Police Department for follow-up. 

How can I file a complaint?

How can I give feedback to UCPD, such as file a complaint, or offer constructive criticism?

UCPD is beholden to its community. Citizens can make complaints by printing and completing the Citizen Complaint form.

The UC Berkeley Police Review Board will accept complaints which shall be forwarded immediately to the Chief of Police.

Regulations Governing Conduct of Non-Affiliates

If in the buildings and on the grounds of the University of California, non-affiliates have to abide by these regulations.