This information may be helpful in an emergency.

What is that siren?

It is Wednesday at noon. I hear a siren. Is everything okay?

Yes. What we hear every Wednesday at noon is the test Siren and Announcement, for our Alerting and Warning System (AWS). The UC Berkeley campus siren is tested on the first Wednesday of every month. Other sirens that are tested in the Berkeley area have different schedules.

Other Campus Contacts

These departments on campus may advise in case of threats to health or facilities, or if there is an incident involving lab materials.

"Is this an EMERGENCY?"

Making an emergency call

When you dial 9-1-1, or (510) 642-3333, or use a blue light phone to make your report, the dispatcher will ask you this question first. Do not downplay the importance of your call. Be prepared to answer the dispatchers next questions.

Crimes in progress or involving life threatening circumstances receive the highest priority response.