Department Units

These are descriptions of units within the department org chart.


The Patrol Bureau provides primary and traditional law enforcement services to the Berkeley campus and nearby communities. Using a combination of mobile (car, motorcycle, bicycles, and specialized vehicles) and foot patrol, the Bureau serves an estimated population of 54,000 people, including over 9,000 residents in the campus residential facilities

Enforcement Units (SDU, TAP)

Special Duties Unit

The Special Duties Unit (SDU) conducts targeted enforcement activities on and around the campus based on analyzed crime trends.  SDU officers often patrol on bicycles, but also deploy on foot or in vehicles based on operational needs. 

Telegraph Avenue Patrol

Criminal Investigations Bureau (CIB)

The Criminal Investigations Bureau (CIB) is composed of a Sergeant and five Detectives, well-trained and prepared to handle a full range of criminal investigations. Annually, CIB actively manages more than 500 cases including all reported felonies as well as misdemeanors involving sex crimes, weapons or events of significant violence.

Report unwanted communications

Harrassing or annoying communications, whether made by phone or any other electronic communications device, might include calls made by pranksters randomly or calls made intentionally by people with whom you have been acquainted. They can include calls at hours when you are sleeping; frequent pointless calls; calls where the caller says nothing; or obscene calls.

Public Safety Dispatchers

The Communications Unit is staffed by Public Safety Dispatchers (PSDs).

Security Patrol Officer Program

Our Security Patrol Officer (SPO) Program provides non-sworn, uniformed officers at University facilities both on and off of the central campus. Their primary responsibility is to provide security, and safeguard University property. They also provide other roles that include video technicians, field evidence collection, and special event staffing. In 2015, the SPO program provided security coverage at 14 campus sites, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and the University of California Office of the President.

Bomb Team

The University of California Berkeley’s nationally accredited and award-winning Bomb Team, staffed with a commander and certified bomb technicians, has been in existence for over 40 years.  As a regional law enforcement asset, the Bomb Team provides service to the campus and 22 federal, state, county, local, and private agencies with which UCPD has a Memorandum of Understanding.  The Team responds to calls for service both on and off campus, and provides explosive awareness training to allied agencies and organizations.

EOD Canine Program

Our Explosives Ordinance Detection (EOD) Canine Program consists of highly trained police officers who are partnered with well-schooled canines.  These EOD Canine teams train regularly with the US Coast Guard, FBI, US Customs and Border Protection Agency, and other local agencies.  They are deployed hundreds of times a year to sweep office buildings, classrooms, lecture halls, and various venues such as football games, graduations ceremonies, and other sensitive locations.  In addition, the teams  are often requested to assist other local, state and federal agencies.

Property and Evidence

The Facility/Property Management Unit maintains the physical status of the department and handles all property/evidence. 

Individuals who have had their property held by UCPD can request its return by contacting Property & Records.