Crime Prevention Unit (CPU)

Crime Prevention Unit (CPU)

The UCPD Crime Prevention Unit (CPU) is primarily responsible for access control, security technologies and outreach.

With specialized training in the crime prevention through environmental design, members of UCPD are responsible for the ongoing security of campus facilities through initial survey, plan review, and management of installation of equipment in new and renovated structures. CPU strives to ensure that state-of-the-art technologies, including modern video, alarm, and access systems are employed in protecting University facilities.  Security technologies are identified in the campus design standards and campus policies.

CPU should be contacted when arranging any changes in campus access or security systems. Managers will connect with this unit when there are personnel changes, new hires or separations, that require new keys or cardkeys for campus properties. Contractors and Building Coordinators will work with the CPU to install and maintain security systems, including intrusion alarms and video cameras.  Below is the list of responsibilities:
  • metal keys & door hardware
  • barrier poles & campus vehicle access
  • cardkeys & access control
  • intrusion alarm systems & panic buttons
  • video security & cameras
  • outreach: presentations & tabling
  • security assessments for university locations
  • collaborating with UCPD police services
  • collaborating with IST for e911 Assessments

CPU also administers the following campus policies: 

  • Access Control Policy
  • Vehicle Access Policy
  • Alarm Policy
  • Video Security Applications Policy
  • Wired Phones Policy
  • Dog/Animal Policy

CPU's Tabling and Outreach

Our CPU Officer may be your first point of contact for general campus safety questions. He can also assist with organizing campus safety presentations:

Our CPU Officer may be your first point of contact for general campus safety questions. He can also assist with organizing campus safety presentations:

Here are links to UCPD's campus safety pages:

CPU's Security Assessments for University locations

Our CPU is available to perform an assessment of the security of your office, or a campus facility. If you are a campus community member, you may want to reach out to the CPU Officer. Upon request, an officer will deliver a report on security issues they observe and offer their considerations for actions to take to remedy them. They can advise on resources and best practices for keeping your belongings, your property, and yourself safe and secure by showing you how to safeguard your office against unlawful entry and theft. 

Additionally, CPU works with the Campus Fire Marshal and Campus Construction & Design for new construction projects so that the campus design standards and security technologies integrate well with the design project on campus.  Email your needs to

Collaborating with UCPD Police Services

UCPD can supplement University staff or provide a presence at your event.  Options include Police Officers, Security Patrol Officers (SPO's), or Community Service Officers (CSO's).  Email your inquiry to

Click the following link to learn about our Security Patrol Officers (SPO's):

Click the following link to learn about about our Community Service Officers (CSO's):

Click the following link to learn about the CSO's that operate the Night Safety Service of BearWALK:

Collaborating with IST for e911 Assessments

Per the campus policy on voice communications (, our CPU collaborates with UCPD Dispatch and Campus IST for all campus voice communication systems that pose a life-safety concern to the campus community.  These include all telecommunication systems under the jurisdiction of the UC Berkeley campus or is on UC-owned or UC-used property.  Requests to IST that involve a new phone line or a modified/terminated existing phone line which creates a life-safety concern will be processed by UCPD and the CPU will make a final approval on the IST request made by a campus client.  CPU is the final authority in determining the meeting of e911 standards for voice communication  services and telecommunication systems.

Metal Keys

For key and re-key approvals, email


Requests to add or update cards are made via email to

Questions about automated access control, email

Video Systems

Service requests or viewing rights requests are made via email to

Intrusion Alarms

Requests to add/remove users or to request service are made via email to

CPU Specialists

Crime Prevention Unit (CPU)

Sgt. Nicole Miller, Supervisor (510) 643-8988
Kevin Vincent, Corporal of Safety Programs (510) 642-3722 
Arnold Widodo, Security Specialist, Access Control (510) 642-0469
Azalia Maldonado, Security Specialist, Access Control
Sparky Carranza, Security Specialist, Video (510) 642-9101
David Jarvis, Security Specialist, Video
Obadiah Hampton, Security Specialist, Alarms (510) 643-9375
Maria Garcia-Perez, Security Specialist, Keys (510) 643-5816