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The Patrol Bureau provides primary and traditional law enforcement services to the Berkeley campus and nearby communities. Using a combination of mobile (car, motorcycle, bicycles, and specialized vehicles) and foot patrol, the Bureau serves an estimated population of 54,000 people, including over 9,000 residents in the campus residential facilities

In addition to patrol duties, Patrol personnel actively serve the Department in other areas. They provide certified instruction for in-service training and to outside agencies in a variety of programs including: firearms training, weaponless defense, impact weapons, first aid, crowd control and community policing. Bureau personnel also supervise and serve on our Negotiations and Entry Team (NET), Bomb Squad, and the Special Response Unit, which includes Dignitary Protection and a specialized Arrest Team.

The Patrol Bureau is responsible for the coordination of mutual aid requests made by other University of California campuses, local police agencies, and requests made under the California Law Enforcement Mutual Aid Plan. 

The Patrol Bureau provides staffing for a variety of on and off campus public events. This requires coordination within the University as well as with federal, state and local police agencies. 

Patrol Activity

In 2015, our Police Officers

  • made 567 arrests
  • issued 1083 citations for vehicle code violations
  • wrote 1988 Field Interview cards.

In addition, officers documented 106 outside assist cases to other law enforcement agencies.