How to compile CSA statistics

How to Compile Statistics

Fundamentally, Campus Security Authorities (CSAs) are responsible for collecting and reporting the incidence of only certain crimes which have occurred in certain areas. A CSA must make a report if they observe an incident, or if it is reported directly to them by any person (includig faculty, staff, student, or non-affiliated person), whether that person was an observer, or a person affected by the crime.

We recommend that departments with multiple CSAs designate a CSA facilitator (liaison). This CSA facilitator would be responsible for ensuring each CSA has the resources to submit their report forms in a timely manner, and could liaison with the campus Clery Compliance Coordinator if there are questions.

Clery-Reportable Geographic Areas

Major Clery-Reportable Crimes —Definitions

Other Reporting Options

If a CSA has been keeping a record of incidents up until now (in Excel or other file), rather than enter each incident one by one, a record of many incidents can be delivered to the Clery Authority via email, or in person at UCPD.