CSA Report Form

We need a response from all Campus Security Authorities (CSA) about criminal incidents occurring in Clery Reportable Areas.

Are you a CSA? You may be one if you have "significant responsibility for student and campus activities.” 

We need to receive reports online in a timely manner. Log in with your CalNet ID to use the Campus Security Authority Crime Report Form (the CSA Report Form) for each incident reported as soon as possible after being made aware.

The online report is designed to facilitate immediate timely reporting of incidents. The Clery Compliance Coordinator will, after receiving your report, determine whether an immediate and ongoing threat exists and may make a Timely Warning to the campus community via a Crime Alert.

All reports will be logged and reviewed within days by the campus Clery Compliance Coordinator, who will contact you for more information if necessary and be available for queWhen a crime is reported to a CSA, first ask the victim if they would like to report it to the police.

If so, contact the UCPD at (510) 642-6760. The Police Department is located at Rm. 1 Sproul Hall.

How to Log In

Please use a bConnected email (i.e. a simple @berkeley.edu email) to reach the screen where will be able to log in with your CalNet ID to submit your incident reports. We need an response from all CSA's even if you have nothing to report. Simply log in and indicate for the record that you have nothing to report for this calendar year.

You can also log in to securely upload a file of many incidents if you have been keeping your own record of them.

In order to confirm your report, or allow you to make necessary edits before the deadline, you should choose to email a copy of your response to yourself at the "submit" page.

Thank you for your good work keeping UC Berkeley compliant with this Federal Statute that impacts safety on campus. For more info about crime types and locations, or to answer other questions, search this site for "Clery".

Having Trouble Logging In?

Click directly to the CSA Report Form

Enter your simple @berkeley.edu email as the account to enable Google bConnected login.

This form is a GoogleDocs-based form through bConnected. If you are logged in with a different Google ID on this browser, please log out of that ID, log back in with your berkeley.edu ID, then reload theform.