Special Event and Security Assessments

The UCPD Special Events Unit is responsible for approving major events or events requiring security personnel on campus.

Our special events range from athletic events (300 to 60,000 spectators), concerts, dances, benefit events, University and Campus events, VIP visits, and other one-time activities.

Major events for registered students organizations (RSO) and non-departmental personnel are defined in the "Major Events Hosted by Non-Departmental Users" policy at


Submit form describing your event

Event planners must complete the UCPD Event Security Assessment form (PDF) and electronically submit (via "SUBMIT" button on form) or email it as an attachment to Special Events at ucpdspecialevents@berkeley.edu as follows:

  • RSO/Non-Departmental Users
    • Major Events: 6 weeks prior to the event
    • All Other Events: at least 7 days prior to the event
  • Departmental Users
    • All events: at least 7 days prior to the event

The form should be submitted by the person who is responsible for the event and who will be present to ensure that no one under 21 years of age is served alcoholic beverages, if applicable. 

Confirm your name and daytime contact phone and email, as well as the cell phone at which you will be available DURING the event.

UCPD will complete the assessment form and return it to the sender. If the event requires security, the assessment form will have a UCPD Event Security Cost Estimate form attached. The responsible person for the event will be required to complete the "Payment Information" section, sign the form and return it electronically to UCPD Special Events.

Note that events such as tabling or protests/demonstrations are subject to campus policies or California Laws that can probably be researched via the external links to policies listed in the call out on this page.

If you have any other questions, contact the Special Events Unit at (510) 643-0795.

Secure sponsor and facility permissions ahead of time.

By making your Special Event request using this form, the person responsible for the event will begin the process that helps us address any potential legal or safety concerns.

Anyone who plans an event on campus property involving the serving of alcohol must provide the berkeley.edu email address of both an Event Sponsor and a Building Manager (or similar), so please confirm these individuals before filling out the form. An Event Sponsor might be the department head or unit chairperson and is the person who grants approval for the event. Approval for the use of a Campus Space/Facility must also be confirmed. It might be provided by a building manager or similar official.

Confirm whether Alcohol Permit is needed.

Events hosted by Graduate Student Groups or Non-Department Users where alcoholic beverages will be served may have requirements established in the campus major event policy.

Note that Undergraduate Student Groups cannot obtain Alcohol Permits for a campus event.

Use this Alcohol Permit Request Form to disclose any plans for the service of alcohol and/or the payment of entrance fees (any fee, whether collected at the door, in advance, or when purchasing a pass to an inclusive event such as a conference, even if it's called a "donation," must be disclosed).

Filling out the form will allow the UC Police to determine whether a State of California ABC Permit must be acquired.

UCPD Alcohol Permit requests need to be submitted at least 7 days prior to the event.

Campus Alcoholic Beverage Policy

Risk Services page about events with alcohol

New Campus Permit Request Form

As of March 2016, many event permit requests, with the exception of major events, can be handled by this form: Apply for a Special Event Permit 

Special Events Unit

1 Sproul Hall

tel. (510) 643-0795
fax (510) 643-8224

Special Event Safety

Before the Event

Before going to a large arena event, be sure to designate a meeting area in case your group becomes separated. This is particularly important if you have small children with you. When parking your vehicle be sure to do the following: