Residential Security Liaison Program

The Residential Security Liaison Program is a volunteer-based program provided by sworn officers of the UC Berkeley Police Department. Officers who volunteer to be Residential Security Liaisons (RSLs) are called upon to work regular shifts at UC Berkeley's residences, including Units I, II, and III and Albany Village. Volunteers are recruited annually, and RSLs are dedicated to a particular location for the duration of their assignment. The intent is that individual RSLs can become familiar with the concerns and climate of their location and students can percieve the availability and presence of UCPD officers.

The potential benefits of this program are:

  • More frequent scheduling of safety presentations for groups in residences
  • Regular presence allows immedite access to officers if students have any questions about
    • ways to ensure personal safety
    • campus rules and regulations
  • Officers develop awareness of the changing climate at the residences
  • Officers are more responsive to current resident concerns