Chief Margo Bennett

Thank you for taking the time to review the information on this website for the University of California Police Department, Berkeley. The pages on this site are part of our ongoing effort to inform you of the many safety programs and services we have developed to support our community. You can also find guidelines about the proactive steps anyone can take to help us maintain a safe and secure campus. 

Working to keep our campus safe is a top priority for UCPD, Berkeley and we take acts of crime against members of our campus community very seriously. It is our obligation to aggressively investigate all reported crimes in our jurisdiction, and we have a number of cross-disciplinary systems in place to support survivors of crime.

From this site, visitors can also access the Campus Annual Security Report which discloses statistics for crimes that are reported to UCPD, to Berkeley's local police partners, and to our Campus Security Authorities (CSAs). As always, we encourage each of you to report suspicious and unlawful behavior to us at UCPD immediately. Each report will help to ensure that the Berkeley campus and city of Berkeley can be safe for all.

We hope the information here will inspire you to consider taking part in some of the many crime prevention programs offered at UC Berkeley. By acting responsibly, caring for your fellow community members, and remaining vigilant, each of us can make the campus a safer place.

Go Bears!

 — Margo Bennett, Chief of Police

Bennett earned a bachelor’s degree in sociology/criminal justice and a master’s in counseling psychology at at West Georgia University, then rose to the level of lieutenant there before moving to the FBI, where she worked for more than a decade. From there, she went to Northern Virginia Community College Police Department, where she became police chief for the multi-campus educational institution, the nation’s second-largest community college. Bennett joined the UCPD as a captain in 2002. She was sworn in as chief of police in May of 2013. 

Overview and Philosophy:


We are committed to working in partnership with our diverse campus community so

together we may enhance community trust, reduce the incidence and fear of crime, and

promote safety. We pledge to protect individual rights and safeguard property for our

students, faculty, staff and guests. We support the University's academic, research,

and public service missions with professionalism, integrity and sensitivity.


We seek to be a leader in campus law enforcement and emergency services – both by

following best practices and by developing standards to which others will aspire.


We Believe in Truth and Honesty.

We recruit and retain high quality employees who have an uncompromising allegiance

to the State of California’s Police Officer’s Code of Ethics:

We Believe in Fair and Equal Treatment.

We are sensitive to the unique, many and diverse needs of the university community.

We strive to be fair and respectful in our treatment of the individuals who depend upon

us for their safety and well-being.

We Hold Ourselves Accountable.

We take great pride in being accountable and accessible to everyone.  We place a high

value upon teamwork, and expect our employees to act as role models and leaders in

all they do.

We Believe in a Problem-Solving Approach to Policing.

We value a pro-active, collaborative approach to problem solving and recognize

education, outreach and partnerships as essential to our effectiveness.

We Strive for Excellence in All We Undertake.

Our services are developed and our staff is trained to meet our campus demands using

the highest level of training and best practices within the law enforcement profession.

We Recognize the Importance of Change.

We continuously evaluate the quality, efficiency and appropriateness of our efforts and

welcome feedback as an opportunity to improve.