Security Technologies Unit (STU): Keys, Access, Alarms, Video

Work with CPU and STU to keep campus areas secure

Working in partnership with the UCPD Crime Prevention Unit (CPU) and the Campus Facility Services Lockshop, the UCPD Security Technologies Unit (STU) is responsible for security technologies and  Access Control, including metal keys, door locks, cardkey systems, alarm systems, and video cameras.

With specialized training in the crime prevention through environmental design, members of UCPD are responsible for the ongoing security of campus facilities through initial survey, plan review, and management of installation of equipment in new and renovated structures. CPU and STU strives to ensure that state-of-the-art technologies, including modern video, alarm, and access systems are employed in protecting University facilities.  Security technologies are identified in the campus design standards and campus policies.

STU should be contacted when arranging any changes in campus access or security systems. Managers will connect with this unit when there are personnel changes, new hires or separations, that require new keys or cardkeys for campus properties. Contractors and Building Coordinators will work with the STU to install and maintain security systems, including video cameras.

STU Specialists

Security Technologies Unit (STU) 

Nicole Miller, Supervisor (510) 643-8988
Arnold Widodo, Security Specialist, Access Control (510) 642-0469
Sparky Carranza, Security Specialist, Video (510) 642-9101
Obadiah Hampton, Security Specialist, Alarms (510) 643-9375
Maria Garcia-Perez, Security Specialist, Keys (510) 643-5816
<Vacant>, Security Systems, IT (510) 664-7020

Metal Keys

For key and re-key approvals, email


Requests to add or update cards are made via email to

Questions about automated access control, email

Video Systems

Service requests or viewing rights requests are made via email to

Intrusion Alarms

Requests to add/remove users or to request service are made via email to