Torch Run 2016

June 29, 2016

On Tuesday, 6/21, UCPD officers participated in the 2016 Special Olympics Torch Run with Berkeley PD.  The team has raised $545 to date.  Special thanks to our runners and volunteers who helped carry on this time honored tradition.  Emeryville PD, led by Chief Jennifer Tejada, passed the torch to UCPD and BPD.  We felt so good when we hit Albany, we almost kept going but we decided not to steal Albany PD's thunder.  Props to Sean who I hear continued to run the torch with Albany PD.


Tucker - Runner

Olivet - Runner

Reich - Runner

Aranas - Runner

Tinney - Runner

Wyckoff - Runner

Kelly - Runner

Arthur - Runner

MacAdam - Volunteer

Rios - Volunteer

Castaneda - Volunteer

McQuesten - Volunteer

Please share our link with anyone who may like to donate for this feel good cause:

Officer carries torchRunners from BPD and UCPD on ShattuckRunners from BPD and UCPD