Suspicious Person, Evans Hall And Boalt Hall

March 15, 2016

Two female visitors, one 17 and the other 16, were approached on campus by a male who identified himself as a graduate student.  The suspect told the victims he was conducting a survey. 

The first incident occurred on Sunday, March 6, 2016 at approximately 11:38 a.m. in Evans Hall.  The male suspect approached the victim and asked her to take a survey.  He told the victim to go outside with him to take the survey.  When the victim refused the suspect grabbed her by the wrist in an attempt to force her outside.  The victim broke free of the suspect and ran away.  That same day at 12:48 p.m. UCPD received a report of a similar incident which had occurred in Boalt Hall.  The suspect approached another female and told her he was conducting a survey and would like to take photos of her.  The victim refused and left the scene.  UCPD searched the area but could not locate the suspect.  The victims were not physically injured during the encounter. 

The suspect is described by both victims as: 

A White male in his mid-20’s, with short blonde hair, wearing blue jeans with a buttoned down shirt and backpack.

Related Safety Tips

UCPD would like to remind the campus community about the following safety tips:

  • If you feel you are being followed, cross the street, yell, run and look for a well-lit area or occupied building.
  • If someone approaches you or touches you in an inappropriate manner, try to get away and call out for help.  Dial 911, call 510-642-3333 or activate a blue light emergency phone.
  • Listen to your gut feelings.  If a situation seems suspicious or you sense you might be in danger, leave immediately and to a safe place.


If you have questions about this alert, contact:

University of California Police Department
Criminal Investigation Bureau 
(510) 642-0472 / 8AM-5PM / During business hours, except holidays
(510) 642-6760 / All other times