Launch Of Nixle's UC Berkeley Private Group

March 3, 2016

Safety messages will now be sent to Campus Community via Nixle

March 3, 2016, Berkeley -- If you are member of the UC Berkeley community (i.e., you currently have a "" email address), you shall be automatically added to the UC Berkeley Private group on March 7, 2016 so that you will begin to receive Nixle email from the UC Berkeley Police Department.  Nixle's platform will send emails about safety issues and traffic congestion to your Official Berkeley Email Address. NIXLE will not replace UC Berkeley's WarnMe system for providing critical notifications regarding major emergency and potential life safety situations here at UC Berkeley, but will enhance and supplement our ability to provide ALERTS, ADVISORY and COMMUNITY type communications.

The UC Berkeley Private Group update is March 7, 2016. This initial set of data will reflect most affiliate types who have not opted out of WarnMe and who have their "" email currently displayed in UC Berkeley's CalNet Directory listing. We will periodically update the data at Nixle to be sure we are reaching the current campus population.

The new UC Berkeley Private Group will not include you if you have opted out of WarnMe, and if your email address is not currently listed in UC Berkeley's Directory.

The UC Police Department's continuing goal has been to broaden the communication channels between law enforcement and the campus community. In January 2016, the Office of the Chief began collaborating with San Francisco-based Nixle to provide a more robust system of communicating about situations that may affect safety on and around the UC Berkeley campus. This Nixle framework serves as an effective communication tool, allowing UCPD personnel to create warnings and advisories for distribution to every member of the campus community. The UC Berkeley Private Group messages will also bring traffic and congestion issues to the attention of every member of the campus community. To field your questions, our UCPD staff will make every effort to avail themselves to you through campus visits, presentations, release of topical reports or newsletters and by updating the site with new information. We look forward to hearing from you on-line at or in person.

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