Key Requests

Lock and Key Contacts

For key and re-key approvals, or for answers to questions about automated access control, email

Maria Garcia-Perez
(510) 643-5816

For lost key reports and other, non-emergency police services:

UCPD Records Division
(510) 642-6760

Standard Key Requests

For standard key/re-key requests, the Department Access Key Controller (DAKC) must complete a Lock Key Service Request Form (59 Kb) indicating:

  • The number of keys
  • The key number(s) assigned to/stamped on the key(s)
  • The area(s) the key(s) and/or re-keyed doors will access
  • To whom the key(s) will be assigned
  • The reason(s) for the key request
  • The name of the DAKC, the DAKC's Alternate, or Department Head.

and other pertinent information such as the account to be charged. This form is then to be emailed to sends e-mail)(link sends e-mail)(link sends e-mail).

The lockshop request is processed and entered into the PPCS database (SPAN.) CPU Staff review the requests for approval or denial and forward approved requests to the lock shop for service completion.

Rush and Emergency Requests

RUSH: Rush requests are for situations in which the DAKC needs the key(s)/re-key(s) within five days due to extenuating circumstances that are not related to the personal safety of staff or a major security breach of the facility. Rush requests should be brought or faxed to CPU to be reviewed by unit staff. EMERGENCY: The second level of request is "emergency" that requires action on the same day as the request. This level is strictly reserved for the following types of situations:

  • Situations involving access for disabled persons.
  • Situations involving major theft potential.
  • Situations involving the safety of staff in the area.

In these cases, the DAKC should call the Crime Prevention Unit and explain the situation to determine if it qualifies for emergency response. If it does, the DAKC must immediately fax a copy of the completed service request to CPU and CPU will call in the request to the Lock Shop.

Replacing Lost Keys

When a key is lost, the person who lost the key must make a Lost Key Report with UCPD. The report takes only a few minutes and can be made over the telephone. Call 642-6760. A Lost Key Report case number will be given to the reporting party who will need to forward the number to the DAKC. The DAKC, requesting the replacement key(s)/re-key(s), must prepare a lockshop request for the key/re-key and include the report case number. The Lost Key Report must be made before CPU will approve any key replacement service request.

Why a Key Request Might Be Held

There are several instances in which Crime Prevention will hold a request:

  • Persons in one building requesting keys/re-keys for another building.
  • Persons requesting a large number of keys/re-keys.
  • Persons requesting restricted/highly sensitive keys/re-keys.
  • Unclear and/or incomplete information on service request.
  • Persons requesting a replacement for a lost key when no Lost Key Report has been made to UCPD.

In all cases, CPU Staff will contact the requester when their key request is held. Once the replacement keys are received, steps should be taken within the department to ensure key control. See the following section on Key Controller's for more information on designated authorized key requesters.

Key Controller

Campus policy requires that each department must have one designated Key Controller (referred to as the DAKC) who orders and tracks keys and has ultimate responsibility for the department's key control system.

This ensures that there is no duplication in requests and facilitates solid inventory control and record keeping at the department level. An alternate key controller, fully oriented to the department's key control system by the Key Controller, is allowed to assist with these responsibilities when the Key Controller is unable to perform their duties for any reason.

Only three individuals have signature authorization for the department's service requests for keys/re-keys: the department head (dean/department chair/director), the Key Controller, and the alternate key controller. Their printed names and signatures must be listed on a CPU Key Control Authorization Form on file with CPU prior to any approval of service requests. A new form must be submitted to CPU whenever there are changes in the DAKC, the alternate, or the department head.

Record Keeping

DAKC's must keep a record of when and to whom the keys are issued to for areas in the department. This helps the Key Controller manage access control more effectively and can offer the department useful information in cases involving area entries and thefts via key(s). Over 80% of all burglaries are the result of non-forced entry.

There is a form (form 84) available for this use from Mainly Stationary or a department can create its own form or log using the same language found in form 84. All records for keys should be kept as long as the key is still in circulation and for one year after the key is no longer in circulation.

Please contact the Crime Prevention Unit at (510) 643-9375 if you would like assistance in developing a record keeping system.

Requesting Keys from Former Employees

Anyone who no longer works for the department is required by Campus Access Control Policy, and by law, to surrender his/her department keys to the Department Access Key Controller. If a separated employee fails to surrender the keys, inform him/her again that they are in violation of the law, pursuant to California State Penal Code Section 469 which states:

"Any person who knowingly makes, duplicates, causes to be duplicated, or uses or attempts to make, duplicate, cause to be duplicated, used or has in his possession any key to a building or other area owned, operated, or controlled by the State of California...or any state agency...without authorization from the person in charge of such building or his designated representative, and with knowledge of the lack of such authorization is guilty of a misdemeanor."

If special circumstances exist which make it difficult or potentially dangerous to ask for keys from a particular employee, feel free to call UCPD for advice and/or assistance.

Key and Re-Key Approval Checklist

Complete lockshop request form:

  • Requester's name, work phone, date of request, department, work address and building description

  • Service Description
    1. Number of keys
    2. Key/core numbers (s) assigned to/stamped on the key(s)/core(s)
    3. The area(s)/rooms(s) that the keys/re-keyed doors access
    4. To whom the keys will be assigned
    5. Reason for keys

  • Authorized Key Controller/Alternate Key Controller/Department Head's name