What do I do if I think I have been robbed?

I have lost something and I think it was stolen from me. Does this happen a lot?

Unfortunately, theft is by far the most common crime on campus property. Learn more about theft prevention. You can reduce the incidence of theft by reporting suspicious persons and adhering to Access Control policies by not holding cardkey protected doors open for unknown people. This awareness and vigilence is particularly important in our Residence Halls.

Technically speaking, if you didn't meet the robber, you probably weren't "robbed." The definition of Robbery implies a confrontation between the robber and the victim.

You may also have simply lost the item and all recovered items found unattended on campus should be delivered to UCPD where they will be logged in the Campus Lost and Found.

If you have been a victim of robbery, get to a safe place and contact UCPD immediately to report the crime. If you don't have a cell phone, you can use a Blue Light phone if you're on campus property. Your timely report may save someone else from being a victim.