Can I contact the police about crime using email, Twitter, or Facebook?

I want to tell the police about some things I see that are suspicious, but I don't want to call 9-1-1. Can I just post on Twitter and tag UCPD_Cal? Or can I send a message via Facebook to the UCPDCal page? How about writing an email? Is it okay just to send an email to

DO NOT report via Email or Facebook or Twitter

You should never use email or social media to make a report of crime in progress of any sort. We do not accept these kinds of reports. These methods are not monitored by officers or dispatchers with the frequency needed to be safe. Instead, please call or stop by the department at any time day or night. We are always here to help.

Use CalTIP

You may use CalTIP to make a report by texting to (510) 664-8477. If you are hearing-impaired, this is a good way to reach UCPD in an emergency, but CalTIP is best used to make non-emergency reports. These types of reports can still play a role in ongoing law enforcement activity and we encourage such reporting. Use CalTIP to submit a brief description to UCPD and start an anonymous dialog.

Contact other CSAs

If you don't want to make a police report at this time, you may decide instead to contact another kind of Campus Security Authority. Any CSA at Berkeley is someone who has "significant responsibility for student and campus activities." 

To report a Hate Crime, for instance, you can report anonymously at