Suspicious Persons and Behaviors

Each of us, yourself and other residents/employees, must take responsiblity for making the campus a safer environment. Reporting suspicious persons and behaviors is an important action you can take to help the police keep the campus safe.

The following are examples of behaviors that could be considered suspicious:

  • A person or persons you do not recognize going from room to room or office to office
  • A person or persons standing in a hallway for a long period of time
  • A person or persons waiting outside of the building near the time that the building will be closing
  • A person who seems to be wandering and scanning for unattended property

When you call the police be prepared to describe the person, and stay on the phone until the dispatcher tells you it is okay to hang up.

Contact UCPD Berkeley


UC Police Department, Berkeley
1 Sproul Hall (basement)
Berkeley, CA 94720-1199

24 hrs



Emergency from Cell Phone:
(510) 642-3333

Business Phone: (510) 642-6760
Fax: (510) 643-4655

Think Again

picture of theft prevention poster

Letter-sized theft-prevention poster, "Don't leave your belongings unattended, even for a moment."