Report Stalking


Every case of stalking must be considered as potentially dangerous, and early intervention is critical. UCPD's Threat Management Unit (TMU) takes incidents of stalking seriously and officers have extensive experience coping with stalkers, developing safety plans for targets, and intervening when appropriate. Ask for the TMU detective at (510) 642-6760 when you have questions about steps you can take which may further ensure your safety. Additional resources for making a safety plan are

In cases of stalking, one of the most effective and worthwhile things you can do is to make and keep a detailed log of all incidents that pertain to your stalking case. Unlike other crimes, which normally consist of a single illegal act, stalking is a series of actions that, when taken individually, may be perfectly legal, so your log will be invaluable to law enforcement officers, enabling us to more accurately understand and substantiate your case. 

Resources for victims of crime

If you are an affiliate of UC Berkeley, whether a student or employee, these resources are available to you. We encourage you to reach out and learn about ways you might get further assistance.

  • UCPD
    1 Sproul Hall (basement, on Bancroft at Telegraph)
    • Non-emergency 24/7 (510) 642-6760
  • University Health
    2222 Bancroft Way (The Tang Center)
    • Urgent Care Clinic (510) 643-7197
    • Social Services (student) (510) 642-6074
    • Be Well at Work (staff) (510) 643-7754
  • Gender Equity Resource Center, Sexual Harassment/Sexual Assault Resource Specialist
  • Center for Student Conduct, (510) 643-9069
  • Office for the Prevention of Harassment and Discrimination, (510) 643-7985
  • Student Legal Services, (510) 642-3916
  • Student (510) 642-6912
  • Ombudsperson for Students and Postdoctoral Appointees, (510) 642-5754
  • Ombuds Office for Faculty (510) 642-4226
  • The Staff Ombuds Office (510) 642-7823