In case of sexual assault

It is important that you seek help immediately. The campus has provided a number of ways for you to get assistance, and you can choose the ones with which you feel most comfortable. Any of these offices will be sure to see you get the appropriate care, counseling and advice.

More information is available at the campus Survivor Support website.

Immediate assistance In case of sexual assault

UC Police Department
1 Sproul Hall (510) 642-6760

Police officers have your well-being as their primary concern. All have had extensive training in handling sexual assault cases, and will treat you with respect and sensitivity. Any officer can help immediately and ensure that you are taken promptly to a physician for medical care and, if appropriate, the collection of vital evidence required for proof of criminal activity. The police can assist you if you file charges. You may consult with any of the campus resources listed below to learn more about how the police can assist you. 

University Health Services
Tang Center, 2222 Bancroft Way

Medical Care (510) 642-3188, for appointments 8 am–5 pm, (510) 643-7197 after hours
Counseling (510) 642-6074, for appointments 8 am–5 pm
Clinicians at UHS are available to treat injuries and address other health matters, such as sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy. They can coordinate with local hospitals for evidence collection, if appropriate.

UHS’s Social Services provides confidential counseling for students who have been sexually assaulted, offering information about criminal and civil procedures, ways to maintain your safety, and advice about any housing or academic concerns. UHS’s Social Services can provide vital support through your recovery process, helping both you and the friends, family, and others who may be concerned about you.

Gender Equity Resource Center
202 César E. Chávez Center

(510) 642-4786
The sexual harassment/sexual assault resource specialist is experienced in working with students who have been sexually assaulted and can inform you of your options and rights, advise you regularly of the status of your case, facilitate communication among the units involved, and help you throughout criminal and administrative proceedings.