Homeland Security Information

The University Police recommends these protective measures for heightened security.

  • Be aware of your surroundings and report all suspicious persons and activity to UC Police by calling 911. (For example: Conspicuous or unusual behavior; persons taking photographs of buildings or facilities; asking detailed questions about physical security; dressed inappropriately for weather conditions, etc.)

  • Be aware of, and report suspicious looking packages or abandoned parcels or other items in unusual or high traffic locations to the UC Police. You can review the bomb threat procedures at the web site for UC Berkeley's Office of Emergency Management (OEM)

  • Carry your Cal Photo ID and don’t hesitate to show identification if asked.

  • If you work in a building with “access control”, do not open doors for people whom you do not know or who do not have their ID. Refer them to the building lobby for screening.

  • Take personal security precautions, be particularly alert when visiting high profile or high-profile locations, exercise caution when traveling, and take additional precautions at public events. Trust your instincts.

  • Review emergency preparedness plans such as evacuation procedures and emergency exits in buildings you frequent.

  • Become familiar with the symptoms of exposure to the various types of biological, radiological, and chemical agents, and what action to take. Visit theCenters for Disease Control and Prevention's web site - Bio-Terrorism section (www.bt.cdc.gov)

  • Assemble and maintain a disaster supply kit or "Go Bag" (e.g. water, nonperishable food, battery powered radio, flashlight, extra batteries and medications) for home and work. This can be the same kit you have for other emergencies. Visit the UC Berkeley Office of Emergency Management (OEM) for more information on putting together a disaster supply kit.

Homeland Security

US Department Of Homeland Security


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

California Highway Patrol

Berkeley Medical Reserve Corps (BMRC)

Our Director of Emergency Management is the point of report for the grant-funded student-run organization called the Berkeley Medical Reserve Corps (BMRC).  She can be contacted at oem@berkeley.edu 

 This group is also responsive to calls from CA Disaster Healthcare Volunteers and the University Health Services (UHS).