Learn evacuation routes, and participate in evacuation drills in your home and other buildings you use frequently. Look inside the entrance to your building for the poster showing the Emergency Assembly Area (EAA) for your campus building.

When told to evacuate, DO NOT re-enter the building until directed by a campus official.

Evacuation and Disability

Everyone should be aware of the needs of people with disabilities and learn how to offer assistance. Click the link above and find “Evacuation Procedures for People with Disabilities.”

If you are disabled, make a plan in advance that includes how you will direct any volunteer rescue attempt on your behalf. Know where you can shelter safely in buildings where you spend a lot of time. Locate the Designated Waiting Area when visiting a new floor. If you are unable to exit via stairs during an emergency, you can go to your floor’s Designated Waiting Area and once there call the posted emergency contact number. Get help with a plan from Disability Access Services at access.berkeley.edu

Learn more about evacuation and disability at The "Safety" tab at the Campus Access Guide website, access-guide.berkeley.edu, or The Disabled Students Program website.