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We Are Prepared

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WarnMe is the alert and notification system serving UC Berkeley’s students, faculty and staff. The system will warn you of situations on or near campus that pose immediate threats to your safety, and will provide instructions for what to do in case of major emergencies. Emergency warnings will be sent to your official campus address by default.

Alerting and Warning System

WarnMe is one part of the campus's Alerting and Warning System. In case of an actual emergency, information and directions will be available through campus radio, a dedicated telephone outgoing message and an emergency information website. The Alert Warning Siren is tested Wednesdays at noon. Remember, if you hear the Alert Warning Siren on a non-test day, you must Shelter in Place, then check in with 1-800-705-9998, emergency.berkeley.edu, or KALX 90.7 for more information.

Tell us the best way to reach you

You may add or change ways that WarnMe will contact you by logging in to warnme.berkeley.edu. Messages can be sent to any phone (cell, home, office, TTY), via text message or to an e-mail.

Keep us updated

We recommend each Berkeley affiliate visit WarnMe.berkeley.edu at least once a year to update their best text message address.

In case of emergency

Learn more about notification in case of major emergency on campus

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