Berkeley Disaster Team (BDT)

What is the Berkeley Disaster Team?

The Berkeley Disaster Team (BDT) is a volunteer, student-led organization that helps prepare UC Berkeley for disasters and aids in non-medical campus disaster response.

The BDT was founded in 2016 by Kendall Lee after noticing the lack of emergency preparedness resources for students. Any large disaster on or near campus will affect over 42,000 students and thousands of staff, faculty, and visitors. The more people trained to help during a disaster, the better we can take care of each other. Thus, BDT was started to provide emergency preparedness resources for students, by students. 

The BDT was sponsored by the UC Berkeley Office of Emergency Management (OEM), which was under EH&S (Environmental Health & Safety). BDT was moved to UCPD when the OEM was transferred to UCPD in 2017.

The BDT is written in the EOC activation procedures and members are sworn California DSW volunteers. 


The BDT's Mission:

  1. PREPARE the campus for disasters through presentations and outreach

  2. TRAIN students as disaster responders

  3. RESPOND to disasters at UC Berkeley when mobilized by the OEM

The BDT augments campus response by:

  • Staffing the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and supporting ESF Operational Centers

  • Managing resources and disaster logistics

  • Supporting victims through psychological first-aid

  • Organizing mass care (shelter setup and operations)

  • Registering and supervising spontaneous (untrained) volunteers

  • Distributing food, supplies, and information

Some of our partners:

  • Berkeley OEM/UCPD

  • Berkeley Medical Reserve Corps

  • Rock Medicine

  • City of Berkeley OES (Khin Chin, CERT Program Manager)

  • University Health Services (UHS)

  • ASUC (Office of Senator Will Wang)

Public Information Officer (PIO)
Disaster Planning
Outreach & Education