Major Campus Emergency

WarnMe Emergency Notification

WarnMe is the alert and notification system serving UC Berkeley’s students, faculty and staff. The system will warn you of situations on or near campus that pose immediate threats to your safety, and will provide instructions for what to do in case of major emergencies. Emergency warnings will be sent to your official campus address by default.


An earthquake is likely. Learn best things to do to prepare.  Visit the Office of Emergency Management. They have instructions on how to create a "Go Bag" and other options for preparing your home and workplace. You can also download the OEM Emergency Preparedness App for your phone. Be sure your WarnMe contact info is current.

What is that siren?

It is Wednesday at noon. I hear a siren. Is everything okay?

Yes. What we hear every Wednesday at noon is the test Siren and Announcement, for our Alerting and Warning System (AWS). The UC Berkeley campus siren is tested on the first Wednesday of every month. Other sirens that are tested in the Berkeley area have different schedules.

Siren on non test day? Shelter in place.

The campus emergency sirens are tested at noon on the first Wednesday of each month. At all other times, when you hear the sirens you should:

  • Shelter in place
  • Shut doors and windows
  • Seek instructions and information

Check with campus emergency page to see current status. 

Also check these sources.

  • Web: Berkeley News
  • Phone: Recorded emergency information, (800) 705-9998
  • Radio: KALX (90.7 FM)
  • For help, dial 642-3333 (UCPD) or 911 (on or off campus)