The Clery Act

The UC Berkeley Campus Annual Security & Fire Safety Report

The Annual Security and Fire Safety Report for University of California, Berkeley is offered in compliance with the Jeanne Clery Act and contains fire safety, crime statistics and policies. You may use this document to learn more about the many safety and security services and resources available at UC Berkeley.

Public Law 110-315 states that all Title IV eligible institutions participating in any Title IV program and that maintain on-campus student housing facilities must publish an Annual Fire Safety Report, maintain a fire log, and report fire statistics to the Secretary of Education.

A printed copy can be obtained at 1 Sproul Hall or can be downloaded at 2019 Annual Security & Fire Safety Report.

Clery Act History

Jeanne Clery, a 19-year-old Lehigh University freshman, was assaulted and murdered in her dorm room in April 1986. The Jeanne Clery Act was enacted in the belief that crime awareness can prevent campus victimization.

The law requires colleges and universities receiving federal funding to prepare, publish, and distribute, by October 1 of each year, campus security policies and crime statistics. These campus security policies and crime statistics must be distributed through appropriate publications or mailings, to all current students and employees, and made available to any applicant for enrollment or employment upon request.

Each Clery Act compliance violation or misrepresentation could result in $35,000 fines for every violation, and the Department of Education could suspend any or all federal financial aid for the University.

Clery Act Now

The University encourages all its community members to report criminal incidents to law enforcement, but there are other ways of reporting to be sure we remain compliant with Federal Law. Crime statistics are compiled and collated from reports from the University of California Police Department, local law enforcement, and "Campus Security Authorities."

Who is a Campus Security Authority (CSA)?

The Jeanne Clery Act defines a Campus Security Authority (CSA) as individual with "significant responsibility for student and campus activities." This effectively includes employees of a campus police department, other individuals with campus security responsibility, and other officials who work closely with students in areas such as athletics, health care, and student life.

It is important that people who are identified as CSAs comply with the Jeanne Clery Act reporting requirements.

Clery Reporting Process for CSA's

CSAs are responsible for collecting and reporting certain crimes that are reported to them by students and employees. The Clery Compliance Coordinator will assist departments in classifying crimes and filling out the statistic reports.

Use the Online CSA Report Form

We need to receive reports online in a timely manner. Log in with your CalNet ID to use the Campus Security Authority Crime Report Form (available as a GoogleForm for CalNet Identity holders. Log in to access.) for each incident reported as soon as possible after being made aware.

If you are a CSA, click directly to the CSA Report Form
Then you can enter your CalNet ID to enable Google bConnected login.

The online report is designed to facilitate immediate timely reporting of incidents. The Clery Compliance Coordinator will determine whether an immediate and ongoing threat exists and may make a Timely Warning to the campus community via a Crime Alert.

All reports will be logged and reviewed within days by the campus Clery Compliance Coordinator, who will contact you for more information if necessary and be available for questions.