Community Engagement Unit

Dedicated to the Campus Community

UCPD takes pride in our police department and we are committed to being fully engaged with the diverse Cal community.  The creation of the new Community Engagement Unit gives UCPD the opportunity to interact with our students, staff, faculty and visitors in a new way that brings more transparency and voice to the community.  As part of our efforts,  UCPD officers are creating community outreach opportunities, participating on committees and providing principled policing training to our staff.

The first program we intend to roll out is our Community Academy, where we will give community members a glimpse into the types of training our officers participate in and the challenges we face in modern law enforcement. We look forward to hosting community outreach events throughout the year and increasing our social media presence to amplify our safety and security services.

We rely on our partnerships to create a safe community. UCPD is looking forward to strengthening our existing relationships and building new partnerships through the Community Engagement Unit.

Meet the Team: 

  • Corporal DiMarco Hoskins
  • Sergeant James Jenkins
  • Lieutenant Sabrina Reich
Your feedback is important to us, so we can improve the services we provide.  Please contact us with your comments, suggestions and/or concerns:
Main Phone: 510-642-6760
More info coming soon! 

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