Request for Assistance

The University of California Police Department (UCPD) continues to actively investigate crimes that occurred during the evening of February 1st on and around Sproul Plaza, with the goal of identifying and holding responsible those persons who committed serious acts of violence and vandalism.  We are working closely with the City of Berkeley Police Department (BPD), which is undertaking a similar investigation into related criminal acts that occurred in their juristiction on February 1st, 2017.

UCPD needs your help with identifying the individuals shown below.  Please call (510)642-6760 or come to our department (1 Sproul Hall) at any time of the day or night to make a report.  You can also email us at with information, or submit information anonymously via or by calling (510)664-8477.

Additional Information

UCPD Detectives are following up on the leads provided by victims, witnesses and other sources, and we appreciate the assistance that many have provided.  We encourage any other victims or witnesses who we have not yet heard from to please come forward.

We are also seeking to identify persons who may have information relevant to the investigation.  In this regard, we ask the public's help in identifying the individuals depicted in the below photos.  We also ask anyone who might be in possession of photos or video that depicts recognizable persons committing criminal acts on University propety the night of February 1st to please contact us and provide a copy.

Individual Photographs

   Milo 2   Milo 3   Milo 4   milo 5

           Individual #1                         Individual #2                      Individual #3                      Individual #4                      Individual #5

Milo 6    Milo 7     Milo 8    Milo 9

           Individual #6                        Individual #7                            Individual #8                                     Individual #9

Milo 10   Milo 11   Milo 12   Milo 13   Milo 15

          Individual #10                    Individual #11                    Individual #12                         Individual #13                    Individual #14

Milo 14   Milo 18   Milo 19   Milo 20

         Individual #15                            Individual #16                             Individual #17                          Individual #18

Milo 21   Milo 22   Milo 23

         Individual #19                             Individual #20                        Individual #21

Milo 16   Milo 16   Milo 17   Milo 18

                 Group #1                                     Group #2                                  Group #3                              Group #4